Medassi: Random Plan
Jahr: 2009 Titel: 9 Medien: CD|Streaming Credits: Produktion, Recording, Mixdown, Editing, Drum Programming, Bass/Helikon

Hiho Random-Planners!

01. August 2009 Medassi release their second album "Random Plan"...for free download!
This product consists pure random, so be awared!

Included tracks are:

1. Balcaribbean Party
2. Turn your back on Satan
3. Loveless
4. Medicine Man
5. Take it on
6. Blackrain
7. Take the money & run   
8. New Style
9. Bushfiredub     (2003)

All songs written and performed by Medassi:

Tingletangle  -vocs
Goorgoorlu    -drums
Papa Ras      -base
Dublex        -guitar
Mr. Q         -keys
Francis       -percussion

Very Special Guests:
Vocals in 3,4,5,7,8   - Birgit "Lady Che" Schachtner
Bass/Helikon in 1,4   - Tommy T.
Trumpet in 1,2        - Valentin "Valle" Goderbauer
Tenor Horn in 1,2     - Vastic "Krautmo" Meier
Vocals in 6           - Lenilicious

All songs produced at tunetown studios - Dr.Wicket aka Tom Weber
All songs recorded 2009 in Fantaphonia.
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No rights reserved!
Copyright for everybody, who has more than one finger.
...................If you have less than one finger- let us know- we can copy for you!!

We hope you enjoy our work.
If so, support us on our concerts, buy our merchandise
or just send the album to some of your friend.

It..s a New Style of globalisation!
Only the Medicine Man can rescue us from the Black Rain!
All weakheart, stop beeing So Loveless!
It..s time to Turn Your Back On Satan & Take It On.
Or just Take The Money And Run!Hahahahahahaha...

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